What Not to Wear (If You Are a Window)

Every once in awhile I just have to shake my head and wonder…”What was the seamstress thinking?” Case in point I stayed at a condo in Florida recently (through a time share) and was taken aback by the skill level of the person who made the window treatments.  Based on the theory you don’t know good design unless you see a lot of it, I’ve decided to start pointing out some “what not to do” ideas….for a window.

Curtain Mistakes
Selvages of the fabric were not cut before pressing under for the side hem.

I really thought everyone knew that the selvages on the fabrics need to be cut away before sewing into the seams.   This relaxes the fabric letting it flow better on the rod when hung.   This seamstress either doesn’t know or doesn’t care to take the time.  Probably didn’t think anyone would notice.  But when that Florida sun shine comes in, it amplifies the error.   Can you see the dots on the edge that show the colors used when the manufacturer printed the fabric?   This is the first thing that a window should NOT be wearing.