On the 9th day of Christmas…Is my table ready?

Dining room is decorated and ready to set the table.

Once all the large decorations get put up, I start thinking about showing them off (what’s the point to put this all up if no one sees it, I think).   So I usually set up my schedule to have some people over.   Most of the time this involves some sort of a party.  This means I get to set the table.   I have to admit, being an interior designer  means I put more thought into what my house or table look like than what we actually eat at these parties.  Eventually I get around to deciding what to eat.   Case in point, I went to a cookie exchange in my neighborhood recently.  I was actually going to bake the three dozen cookies needed for exchanging, but my mom happened to already have some ginger bread cookies already made.  So, yes, I took them to the exchange and happily brought back three dozen different types of cookies made by all my new friends in my neighborhood.   I sent a picture message to my son in Florida, showing him all the cookies I have waiting for him when he gets here.   His response to me, “Has Grandma been baking again?”   I teased him about making the immediate assumption that I hadn’t baked those cookies, but the problem was, he was right.

My answer to not liking to cook all these things, after I’ve decorated all month long?   Ask my friends to bring some food with them when they come.   I’m not Martha Stewart, but some of them could be her.

Table decorating is on my priority list, though.   I love table cloths and Christmas dishes, and all the pretty shiny things that go along with the decorations.  My elves and I tackle every flat surface, if our clients will let us.   The Chandelier is no exception, and we tie bows and pretty baubles all over them.   We often add ribbon and ornaments on the backs of chairs, making everything near us festive.    Tops of kitchen islands are not excluded, and we do try to leave enough room around them to actually put the food and beverages.   It is often these little areas that make our clients smile the most, and exclaim “Oh, how sweet!”  Food spread all around these popular spots , just seems to taste a little bit better.  Even food I didn’t bake myself.