“Cheryl is Like an Addiction”

I recently received the most fabulous testimonial from a client on Thumbtack.com.

Thanks so much John!!


As quoted by John Williams:  The question is not “Why would you use Cheryl Draa?” but rather “Why would you NOT use her!?” Easy to work with and really listens to what you’re telling her. Not afraid to help you go outside your comfort zone and take some calculated risks which you end up loving even more than the things that are within your comfort zone!

Cheryl is like an addiction. Once you start to use her talents, you can’t stop until you run out of things for her to decorate. At that point, you have to switch to Christmas decorations (a HUGE benefit that keeps “giving” year after year) or you have to buy a bigger house!

I’ve referred Cheryl to some of my friends and they too have been pleased with the initial results and keep coming back for more. Really, she’s like crack….but in a good way! 😉

Why waste/spend $50 – $100 on some random “tchotchkes” for your house that will look odd after a few purchases when you can INVEST in your house’s aesthetic value and use Cheryl Draa and it will look like a million bucks without spending anything near that?! Give her a budget and she’ll make the best use of that budget to make your home look like a designer showcase.